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My home base is Studio Arrabbiata in Ocean Grove, NJ. It's named for an Italian word meaning "rabid" or "fighting mad". In cooking it refers to a spicy tomato sauce that gets its bold taste from just a few ingredients and simple preparation. The arrabbiata movement believes in the power of woodblock prints to achieve maximum impact with nothing more than a piece of wood and a sharp knife. This is art that believes what is on the paper is far more important than any abstract theory. Response to this art may be positive or negative, but it will not be ignored. Contact the artist at pbonelli[at] with questions, comments, greetings, etc.

Check out the links below for cool artists and art related sites.

If you like your prints a little more evil than what I typically produce, you need to check out the website for Evil Prints featuring the world renowned, mind blowing, and extremely disturbing work of woodcut artist Tom Huck. You have been warned.

There is one true legend in the world of independent comix and his name is David Lasky. This is the man who had a homemade photocopied minicomic get reviewed (favorably) by the Washington Post Book Review, who invented the genre of recipe comics, who is the hero of James Joyce fans the world over, and who is equally comfortable writing about twenty-somethings in Seattle and superheroes in Virginia. Are you intrigued enough to learn about Dave's upcoming graphic novel or visit Dave's blog? I think you are.

The Printmaking Center of New Jersey has got it all- a central location in the state, print and photo studios, gallery space for juried and curated shows, classes and workshops for adults and kids, special member benefits, sale bins, a slide registry, and more. Many of our exhibitions are national, so you don't need to live in Jersey to be a part of it. For more information see the PCNJ web site.

The following print artist sites are also worth a look:

If I'm not in my studio, I'm probably at the Boatworks, the headquarters for the Belmar Arts Council, 608 River Road (near 7th Avenue) in Belmar, NJ.  The BAC hosts art exhibitions, art classes and workshops, music performances, and other arts activities.

Do whatever it takes to acquire a copy of Frans Masereel's woodcut novel "Passionate Journey". It could change your life.

Stop by this site often to see new prints, links, news, and other updates.


Inspired and created at the Print Blitz, at the University of Texas at Arlington.